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The Society Annual Holiday - 21 to 26 September 2012

Based in Richmond, Yorkshire, the holiday was well attended with 45 members enjoying a very full programme. The highlight was the visit to the Green Howards Museum in Richmond and the visit to 1st Battalion Scots Guards, Catterick where a number of Cuneo originals were on display for members to enjoy.

Peter Collins, the Society Chairman, about to introduce Canon Richard Cooper, Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen and to the Green Howards Regiment, who gave the talk about the Green Howards and the Museum
Some of the attentive audience at the Green Howard Museum in September 2012

The holiday also included visits through Wensleydale via Aysgarth Falls and Hawes to Wensleydale Creamery, and a return through Swaledale. Members were reminded of Terence Cuneo's charming painting of Wensleydale Station

"Stilton Junction" (Wensleydale Station)

The following day there was a trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway from Pickering to Whitby (for the fish and chips), and on the final day there was a visit to Raby Castle and the Bowes Museum.

"The London Walk" - 21 November 2012

Ten original paintings were seen on this "walk". Starting at the Royal Academy of Engineering, members were able to enjoy "Salisbury Cathedral" and "Coventry Cathedral" in the minimalist setting of the Rolls Royce Room. An historical background to the Royal Academy and its building at 3 Carlton House Terrace, and to the acquisition of these two superb works was given by Ms Sarah Philbrick.

Later at RAF Hendon a further eight paintings were seen, including one by Cyrus Cuneo painted exactly 100 years ago. An excellent introduction was provided by Andrew Cormack, with many questions answered by him during the viewings.

Andrew Cormack and Peter Collins

"Glider Assault, D-Day"
"The Last Halifax"
"Happy Landing" - tyre production
"Miles Marathon in Flight"

Above are four of the six military paintings by Terence Cuneo that were on display, and below the one by Cyrus Cuneo. The aircraft in the "The Last Halifax" was downed in Europe but has been brought back and is one of the featured exhibits on view in the main hall.

"Hendon Aerodrome, the Paddock Enclosure", 1912


Annual General Meeting - Saturday 23 March 2013

This meeting took place at Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey at 11:00 followed by a buffet lunch. Approximately 60 members attended, most of whom spent time afterwards visiting the various exhibits and well stocked shop in the many buildings making up the Museum.

Seventeen members later enjoyed the evening celebratory meal at the Holiday Inn, Woking, organised by John and Jenny Warner.

Brooklands Museum Clubhouse where the AGM was held

The Spirit of Brooklands 1932

(This painting by Terence Cuneo depicts the August Bank Holiday Meeting at Brooklands in 1932. Sir Henry Birkin's 4.5 litre Bentley versus John Cobb's 10.5 litre Delage, which had once held the World Land Speed Record, at speed on the banking at the 1932 August Bank Holiday Meeting.)

The Chairman Opens the AGM

The President giving her Address

Cocktail time in Woking

Dinner under way


"At Home", Bournemouth - Saturday 8 June 2013

40 members attended this event, enjoying a perfect day weatherwise. On display were three Terence Cuneo originals, two Rinaldo Cuneo originals, and a host of prints, and Cuneo ephemera. A collection of work by John Austin and John Hayden, both members of the Guild of Railway Artists was also on display with their artist creators.

"Cornish Riviera Express" "Night Express "Tanya" and Rinaldo and Cyrus Works

Lunchtime in the sunshine

With John Austin and With John Hayden


Officers' Mess Visit, Deepcut, Surrey - Saturday 27 July 2013

This return visit formed three parts: viewing of the Mess paintings and silver; a visit to the medals room and a visit to the RLC Museum.

Our Programme, and Peter introducing Colonel Drew Fielden

Four of the six Terence Cuneo originals that were on display:

"Dining In", Mess Night (1994) and "Sword Beach D Day" (1984)

"Sustaining Forward" (1992) and "Outrage", Sefton (1982)

Some of the magnificent silver collection

Lt Colonel David Owen telling us some stories behind the medal collection, and part of the medal room

Inside the Museum
The famous print "Good Bye Old Man, Goodbye"


"The London Walk" - Wednesday 13 November 2013

The day started with a visit to the British Forces Post Office at RAF Northolt and then on to the British Postal Museum & Archive near Mount Pleasant. Twelve original Cuneo paintings were seen.

At the BFPO:-

Colonel Stark about to begin the presentation

The Parcel and Packet Sorting Machine at work

Portrait of Terence Cuneo in Colonel Heron's office

The group gathered in Colonel Heron's office

At the BPMA:-

Some members in the Research Room

Cuneo's five Railway paintings and the Post Office Tower

The Society Annual Holiday - 19 to 24 September 2013

This year's Cuneo Holiday was centred in Faversham, Kent. It was well attended with a quarter of the Society's membership partaking. Highlights this year were the visit to the Regimental Headquarters of the Royal Engineers in Chatham where nine original Cuneo paintings were seen, and to the 1st/2nd Battalion of the Royal Gurkha Rifles in Shornecliffe where a further five original paintings were available for members to study.

The Conservatory at the Royal Engineers where nine Terence Cuneo paintings are on display
Members enjoying a chat over curry lunch after looking at the five Terence Cuneo originals

An original painting was also enjoyed at the Eurotunnel Headquarters in Folkestone, and one at the Sutton Valence School near Maidstone, where Terence Cuneo studied from 1919 to 1925.

"Le Shuttle" on one of the two crossovers under the Channel
Members enjoying the talk by Society member David Pickard in the art room that Terence Cuneo studied in ninety years ago. (His enrolment form can just be seen on the screen in the foreground!)

Members also had the opportunity to visit Chatham Historic Dockyard, Dover Castle, the Shepherd Neame brewery in Faversham (with beer sampling!) and the Battle of Britain Memorial site at Capel-le-Ferne, Folkestone.

A print of this painting was on display in the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment Museum at Dover Castle

A new venture this year were the two after-dinner sessions, the first being Bernard Slatter reminiscing about his life as a child in London during the War; the second was John Austin talking about his life and explaining how Terence Cuneo had influenced his career as a full time Railway artist.

Society member John Austin illustating how his artistic life had been influenced by Terence Cuneo

AGM - Saturday 12 April 2014

The AGM took place at the Aztec Hotel and Spa, Almondsbury, Bristol, and was followed by a visit to the M Shed on the waterfront in Bristol to see five original works by Terence Cuneo on the Brabazon, its construction and hangars. A farewell dinner was held in the evening.

Margaret with the Cuneo Shop

Peter and Carole

Assembling for the Meeting
The President giving her address

  Three of the five "Brabazon" paintings  

The Farewell Dinner

Visit to the Joint Services Staff College, Shrivenham - 10 May 2014

Group Captain David Lester-Powell welcomed 29 Members to the JSCC, and gave a most informative tour to see the Terence Cuneo paintings, with commentary on many other artists' works on display at the College.

The magnificent JSCC atrium   The Welcome from David Lester-Powell, with Peter and Carole
Terence Cuneo's painting of Field Marshall Sir Bernard Law Montgomery   Detail of "mouse on a lead" from Terence Cuneo's painting "The Queen's Visit to the Staff College, Camberley, 1982"

Photos of Terence Cuneo's painting the "The Queen's Visit to the Staff College, Camberley, 1958" with working sketches

"At Home" with Peter and Faith, Banstead, Surrey - 2nd August 2014

36 members gathered to see Peter and Faith's Cuneo collection which covered most areas of Terence`s work. Faith's speciality of Cornish pasties formed the basis of the lunch and all declared them to be excellent. Those present had the pleasure of President Carole's company and seeing her up-to-date report and pictures of the Cuneo Statue in-situ at Brompton Barracks (see below).

Peter and Faith welcoming the visitors Party under way

Society Holiday in Wales - 18th to 23rd September 2014

Based in Llandeilo in South Wales the first day's visits were to The Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh in Brecon, which has two prints on display, and then to The National Collections Centre, Nantgarw where the "Pennydarren Tramway Locomotive" and "South Wales Pullman" were taken out of store for Members to enjoy.

Corporal Jones being attacked by "Zulu Peter" A Member's father discovered in a photograph on display Checking the notes on the back of "South Wales Pullman"

The next day Cyfarthfa Castle Museum in Merthyr Tydfil was visited, and later Members enjoyed riding on the Brecon Mountain Railway. At dinner that evening Charles Smith gave a detailed overview of the Restoration Project he has been carrying out at Grantham on three ex British Transport Museum originals.

Sunday started with a tour of the Park at Dinefwr Castle in Llandeilo, where on a beautiful sunny morning the Rangers took members to the spot where Terence Cuneo painted the White Park Cattle in his work "Dinefwr Castle".

Members on the Cuneo Coach! The Rangers showing where Terence Cuneo sat to paint "Dinefwr Castle", with a print of the painting being held up

The following day, Members visited some of the tourist sites along the Pembrokeshire coast, including St David's with its ancient Cathedral and ruins. A surprise extra event was arranged for leaving day, with a visit to see two more originals, "Rolling Steel" (1946) and "Steel Making" (1954), at the Tata steelworks in Port Talbot.

Maggie presenting Peter with a "thank you" gift on behalf of all the Members at the Farewell Dinner "Steel Making"

AGM - Saturday 28th March, 2015

The AGM took place at the Kidderminster Railway Museum, on the Severn Valley Railway, and was followed by a return steam ride on the line and a visit to the Engine Sheds at Bridgnorth. A farewell dinner was held in the evening. Peter Collins, the Society's Founder and Chairman of 14 years stood down at the AGM and was elected a Vice President of the Society.

Peter with his "Retirement Certificate"

At the Welcome Dinner on Friday Evening

Assembling for the AGM in the Kidderminster Museum

43106, our engine for the afternoon 43106 being refuelled and re-watered
Frames and cylinders for new build 82045 Peter Collins thanking Chris Proudfoot for the Shed visit

Visit to Grantham Barracks - Friday 31st July, 2015

After lunch, members were welcomed to the Barracks by Lt Col Vicky Reid. This was followed by two amazing presentations, the first by John Austin who explained how he had restored the three Cuneo originals in the Mess, and then by Philip Harrison who had brought his original of the interior of Liverpool Cathedral, and told some of the stories associated with it. Members then went to tea at the Platts' home where "Night King" was on display, and later to The Thatch in Bottesford for the farewell Dinner in the Cuneo Room there.

Lunch in the Mess before the Presentations Lt Col Vicky Reid welcoming Society members
John Austin giving a detailed explanation Philip Harrison telling the Liverpool Cathedral painting story
A print of the Dunlop painting of the exterior and Philip's original of the interior of Liverpool Cathedral Enjoying the Platts' Garden
Maggie Whittaker thanking Diana Platts for the tea party Charles Smith with Members at The Thatch


Society Annual Holiday - Thursday 10th to Monday 14th September 2015

This was a holiday where numbers varied each day. The welcome Dinner was attended by seventeen members. The first day was spent in Gosport, which included seeing the magnificent painting "Dreadnought", with its contrast of hundreds of detailed onlooking figures against the background of the huge blank hull of the submarine. Members enjoyed a conducted tour of HMS Alliance.


Chairman photographing the mouse on Terence Cuneo's "Dreadnought" Members being guided around "HMS Alliance" Detail from Terence Cuneo's "Lance Corporal Rambahadur Limbur of the 10th Ghurks Rifles winning the VC, in Sarawak, 1965"

Day two was spent visiting the many military museums in Winchester. Terence Cuneo's originals, prints and a working sketch of the Ceremony of the Keys were all on display amongst the miriad of superb exhibits. Sunday involved a boat ride from Poole Quay to Swanage Pier, a look around some of the unique Swanage shops, and then a trip on the Swanage Railway to Norden, with stop-offs along the way, notably Corfe Castle. In the evening, Dinner was held in a private room with members, now numbering nearly thirty being invited to attend in fancy dress. Following the nomination of the winners, another excellent meal was held, and this was followed by an auction of Terence Cuneo books.

"Signal Success" seen in the Ticket Hall at Corfe Castle Station

Peter Collins auctioning the Terence Cuneo books The Three Fancy Dress Winners

The Ceremony of the Keys, Tower of London - Thursday 22nd October 2015

Following an enjoyable gathering at the Liberty Bounds, twenty six members and friends assembled outside the Gates of the Tower of London ready to be invited inside to witness this famous ceremony, which took place exactly on time in the traditional manner.

The Liberty Bounds Archer on the Battlements West side of the Tower - Daylight
West side of the Tower - after dark The Gathering point Jonathan addressing everyone

AGM - Saturday 9th April 2016

The AGM took place at Lovatt House on the Great Central Railway's Loughborough Station site. After the meeting members travelled on the heritage line,with some visiting the engine shed and others going to the Museums in Leicester to see the four Cuneo originals there. The farewell dinner was held in the evening, with 29 members enjoying good food and company.

Members preparing for the meeting Trevor presenting his report Carole making her presentation
Malcolm being presented with the Raffle prize by the Society President Margaret manning the Cuneo Shop Mollie and Bill setting off for Leicester North on the 14:15

"Six Hours in Liverpool" - Thursday 19 May 2016

Members first visited the Walker Gallery where "Colonel and Mrs Vere Cotton" and "The Diners" were seen and their background explained, and then in the afternoon at the Metropolitan Cathedral the original of the "Interior of Liverpoool Metropolitan Cathedral" was seen and an illustrated detailed explanation about the painting and the construction of the Cathedral was given.

In the Vault with Alex of the Walker Gallery Philip Harison setting up for his talk
"Colonel and Mrs Vere Cotton" by Cyrus Cuneo "The Interior of the Metropolitan Cathedral" by Terence Cuneo

Cyrus Cuneo Centennial Celebration, Shepherds Bush, London - Saturday 23 July, 2016

After a welcome coffee, reunion of members and welcome by Chris Wheeler, Martin Stoneham gave a fascinating illustrated talk on the life and times in which Cyrus Cuneo lived, covering his years in the USA, Paris and London. A bright sunny day enabled Peter Collins to unveil the plaque on Cyrus's house next door without an umbrella to be seen! Following a buffet lunch Chris gave a talk about Cyrus Cuneo himself, his family and his work. The day ended with a question and answer session which covered all aspects of the day and the Society. To see the transcript of the talk, please click here

Martin Stoneham talking about the "Life and Times" that Cyrus lived in The plaque just unveiled by Society Vice President, Peter Collins Some of the Society members watching the unveiling
Society members chatting before the first talk Examining the raffle prizes, and the Cyrus Cuneo displays The three beautiful Braughing ladies!

Society Annual Holiday, September 2016

Due to insufficient take-up, this event was cancelled.

Wednesday 9th November 2016 - The "London Walk"

Two sites in Piccadilly were visited, both making us extremely welcome, with excellent background talks on the history of their Clubs, their membership and activities. The Cavalry & Guards Club showed us a host of Club paintings, sculptures and their library, with the special feature of Terence Cuneo's "H.M. The Queen on 'Doctor' in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace", currently on loan from the Palace. Following a sumptuous lunch in the Kennel Club's magnificent Dining Room, members toured the art gallery, library, boardroom and corridors with splendid explanations of the works of art on display there. The two highlights were Terence Cuneo's portrait "Colonel Sir Richard Glym, Bart O.B.E" and "H.M. The Queen with her Dogs at Frogmore".

"H.M. the Queen on "Doctor" in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace" Chairman, Chris Wheeler, presenting David Cowdery with the Society's "Thank you" gifts

"Colonel Sir Richard Glym, Bart O.B.E"

Beautifully presented dessert "H.M. The Queen with her Dogs at Frogmore"

Events from 2017

Thursday 25th May 2017 - "Six Hours in Coventry"

Many of those enjoying this event stayed overnight, and attended the Evensong in the Cathedral before visiting the bar and enjoying the Welcome Dinner. Next day, after the minute's silence, Martin Roberts, Herbert Museum Curator, gave background to the Museum and took members to the archive store to see the four original Cuneo paintings there. Following lunch, Barry Gittins guided members round the Cathedral, and eventually to the crypt to see the large original "Consecration of Coventry Cathedral". Society Member, Pam Norman then took us to the choirstalls where the Kerry Beaumont, Director of Music, explained the constuction of the organ and then played some well-known pieces to everyone's delight.

Some of those enjoying the Welcome Dinner The Two Cathedrals and Tall Spire
In the Herbert Museum The Director of Music with the Sample Organ Pipes

Wednesday 12th July 2017 - Visit to the Royal Engineers, Brompton Barracks
Some 50 members and invited guests attended The Royal Engineers Headquarters at Brompton Barracks, Chatham to witness the handover of Sir Philip Jackson's statue of Terence Cuneo, which for ten years had been at Waterloo Station, to Colonel Nigel Montagu representing the Institution of Royal Engineers. The handover of the statue and dowry was made by Carole Cuneo, with a reply by Colonel Montagu and then a presentation by Chris Wheeler on befalf of the Cuneo Society of a framed 1880s print of the Sappers assembled at the Barracks. This was followed by a presentation by Martin Stoneham of all the Cuneo original paintings owned by the Royal Engineers, with excellent background information. Colonel Nigel Montagu then gave everyone present a copy of a specially prepared booklet about the paintings. An enjoyable buffet lunch followed, and then everyone was free to tour the newly refurbished and re-opened RE Museum.

Cuneo Society Chairman, Chris Wheeler with Sir Philip Jackson, Jean Jackson and Colonel Nigel Montagu Carole Cuneo proposing a toast to Terence Cuneo at the end of the speeches
Colonel Nigel Montagu receiving his framed historical print Members assembled ready for Martin Stoneham's talk
Andrew MacLean from the NRM, Cuneo Society Journal Editor Trevor Savage and his wife Elizabeth Chris Wheeler presenting Christine Bowen, the RE Museum Manager, with a framed print showing the RE Museum Hall as it was in the 1850s Nick Knapman with the cartoon print by Terence Cuneo done whilst he was a Sapper in the RE, and owned by his family


Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September 2017 - York Weekend
A most enjoyable weekend, with meals together and two visits, one to the Kohima Barracks in Fulford, where Bob Cook gave an enthralling talk about the Battle of Kohima. He brought to life the various parties and personalities involved as well as the twists and turns of that particular conflict. We also visited the Reserve Collection in the archives at the NRM, where curator Lorna Hogger came in specially to show members the many original Cuneo paintings held there and not currently on public view. We were also able to see the wonderful painting, now in its new location, of Waterloo Station, and be reminded of the many characters featured in it, including the artist!

Bob Cook about to talk to his vistors from
the Cuneo Society
Terence Cuneo's painting "The Battle of Kohima" Examining the many exhibits in the Museum
Trevor introducing Lorna Hogger, before
presenting her with a thank-you gift
Part of the group about to enter the Archives One of Terence Cuneo's paintings
in the Reserve Collection

Events from 2017

Wednesday 8th November 2017 - The "London Walk"
Our London Walk this year started at the London Sketch Club in Chelsea with talks by Mark Prizeman about the London Sketch Club and then Luke Price about the Langham Sketch Club, giving us their history and the involvement of both Cyrus and Terence Cuneo whilst they were members. This was followed by an "Olde Time" lunch, similar to that enjoyed by the Cuneos 100 years ago. We then went to the National Army Museum where Emma Mawdsley gave us an excellent explanation of Terence Cuneo as a war artist and then showed us around the amazing "War Paint" exhibition gallery which she devised back in March when the Museum re-opened after its rebuilding. Our time there closed with a viewing of 30 Military prints by Terence Cuneo over tea and biscuits. 28 members attended, braving the impediments of the rail strikes.

Mark Prizeman, Hon Sec of the London Sketch Club showing some of the Club's regalia Luke Price, Country Member of the Langham Sketch Club, telling the story of the Club Some of the Society members preparing for the talks, with a view of some of the silhouettes of famous Club members in the background
Society Members enjoying the "Olde Time" luncheon
Emma Mawdsley explaining the story of the War Paint exhibition
The display of Terence Cuneo Military prints

Thursday 1st March 2018 - Day visit to the Cuneo Exhibition "Painting Power: The Art of Terence Cuneo" In spite of the "Beast from the East" weather conditions, 28 members made it for the day in Hull where we visited the above Exhibition which had been mounted by the Science Museum as part of the Hull City of Culture. Ed Bartholomew the Senior Curator for the Science Museum Group, came over from York to welcome us and explain the Exhibition, which everyone enjoyed immensely. This was followed by a visit to the Hull Guildhall to see Terence Cuneo's vibrantly colourful and striking painting of the Queen at Hull Station, "The Surrender of the Sword of State".

Cuneo's painting marking the 150th Anniversary of the Holman Brothers, in the Book "Cornish Giant" Ed Bartholomew explaining the concept of the Exhibition Members with City of Culture Guides examining the exhibits
A recent acquisition of the Science Museum - "The Paint Shop", which was on display Members looking at the Guildhall painting "Sword of State...." The mouse with Norwegian flag from the Guildhall painting



Stop Press - Other items that might be of interest to members:-

A Celebration of Steam with David Shepherd at Shalford – Saturday 7th December 2012

An exciting day of steam with artist, conservationist and steam enthusiast David Shepherd CBE will take place on Saturday 7th December 2012 at Saba House, 7 Kings Road, Shalford, Guildford, Surrey GU4 8JU.

Browse and buy from a selection of art by David Shepherd, including the latest open edition print of "Black Prince" and other artists including Terence Cuneo, and enjoy the flavour of a real steam experience when 35028 "Clan Line" stops to water at Shalford Station. It's a brilliant opportunity to meet David and to buy those extra special steam and wildlife gifts for Christmas.

Join David in the Gallery from 12.30pm
Clan Line arrives at Shalford station at 2:20pm*

*times are subject to change so please keep an eye on the website

Railway Modeller 2013 Annual – This 124 page magazine features a fully illustrated six page article by Society Member, Craig Tiley “The life and work of a celebrated railway artist – Terence Cuneo”. It provides a unique insight into the railway-related work of Terence Cuneo, with an emphasis on the commission he received from Tri-ang in 1960 to paint a cover for its 1962 catalogue. In all, eleven covers were illustrated, the last one being for Hornby Railways in 1993. The article also covers the amazing story in the first edition of The Railway Modeller, in 1949, in which he describes the events of a typical operating session of his live steam garden Gauge 1 railway! “Evening Star” and “Country Halt” are featured as well as a piece on his 1967 painting of “Waterloo Station”.

BBC2 Programme - "The Flying Scotsman - A Rail Romance" - On Monday evening, 4 March 2013 the above programme was broadcast, in which Terence Cuneo was featured.


Battle of Knightsbridge, 6th June 1942 - The Daily Mail on Saturday 30 March 2013 told the story about Ray Ellis who was in this amazing painting by Terence Cuneo. This painting was featured on BBC1's Antiques Roadshow on Sunday 31 March.

Ray Ellis with "Battle of Knightsbridge, 6th June 1942"

Detail showing Ray Ellis in "Battle of Knightsbridge, 6th June 1942"

New Cuneo Stamp - On 30 May 2013 Royal Mail released a six stamp set "HM The Queen: 60 Years of Royal Portraits". The 2nd class stamp in this issue is "Study for The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II" by Terence Cuneo, 1953. This is an extract from the painting owned by HM The Queen Mother.


Commemorative Blue Plaque - The Blue Plaque commemorating Terence Cuneo was unveiled in a simple ceremony on Saturday 10 August 2013, on the frontage of 205 Ember Lane, East Molesey.

The Blue Plaque

201-207 Ember Lane

Carole Cuneo Unveiling the plaque

Those attending

Buckingham Palace, Exhibition of Royal Portraits - Buckingham Palace's annual summer public opening was from 27 July to 29 September 2013. As it is 60 years since HM The Queen's Coronation, a major exhibition is included, details of which were in Saturday 27 July's Telegraph Magazine. Terence Cuneo's superb Coronation Painting was prominently displayed in the Ball Room, close to the Robe. More information is available

Railway Modeller, January 2014

A free print by our member Craig Tiley is being included in the January 2014 edition of Railway Modeller.

Railart 2013 - Summer Exhibition by the Guild of Railway Artists - This year's Exhibition was held at "Locomotion", Shildon, Co Durham from 25 August to 6 October. Society Member, John Austin won this award for the 20th time with his new oil painting "North Sea - Night Hawk".

"North Sea - Night Hawk"


Society Calendar 2014 - The 2014 Calendar is now available, to obtain a copy please go the the Society Shop page. Details of the calendar are in the recently issued Summer Society Journal.

Daily Telegraph, 24 February 2014 - The following article appeared in the paper

Detail showing Ray Ellis in "Battle of Knightsbridge, 6th June 1942"

"Othello" by Cyrus Cuneo - the original oil painting of this work by Cyrus was put up for sale on 22nd May 2014 on eBay for £1,200 on a "Buy-it-Now" basis, but was unsold.

Steam Railway Magazine No 428, May 23 2014 - Howard Wilson's informative article about the Cuneo Society has been published in this issue of the Steam Railway Magazine.

The article on pages 108 and 109


Terence Cuneo's Saddle and Related items- for sale from 25th March are the items shown below:-

Macconnal-Mason Gallery, London - The Gallery's new portfolio of paintings for sale includes Terence Cuneo's "Storm over Southall Shed". They have other Cuneo works for sale:-

Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auction, London - The original painting "Royal Agricultural Show 1951: Festival of Britain Year", and eight hunting prints from the Wynnasty Collection, including Cuneo's "The Puppy Show" were auctioned on Friday 11th July 2014

Royal Show, 1951: Festival of Britain Year - Estimate £4000–6000
(Realised £21,000)

The Wynnstay Collection- A group of 8 hunting prints - Estimate £150–200

Auction, Goodwood - Terence Cuneo's "1960 Monte Carlo Rally" was sold at the Goodwood auction on 27th June, with a guide price of £5,000 to £6,000.

Sunbeam Rapier, YWK 5 on its way to a class win

Science and Society Online Picture Library - twelve paintings by Society member Kevin Parrish on railways and canals were uploaded to this library on 10th May, including his recent work the “Flying Scotsman” commissioned by Bradford Exchange. Click here to see them.

Kevin finishing "Flying Scotsman"

Railart 2014 - the annual exhibition has returned to Kidderminster this year. Some of our members exhibited again, with John Austin's paintings taking the top three places!!! Railart 2015 will take place from Friday 4th September until Sunday 1st November.


David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation - Steam Run - The annual Steam Run is scheduled for Saturday 13 December 2014. All are invited to join the Foundation for an exciting afternoon of steam with David Shepherd CBE. The Gallery, with David in attendance, will be open from 1:00pm where a selection of art by him and Terence Cuneo will be on sale. "Clan Line" arrives at Shalford station at about 2:20pm.For more details please refer to their website

David Shepherd with "Black Prince"

Terence Cuneo' "The Bulldozers" - The original of this painting has come up for auction (Lot 580) at Andrew Smith & Sons saleroom in Winchester, with an estimate of £2,000 to £3,000, sale date 21 and 22 October.

** Terence Cuneo - Bulldozers clearing a forest glade of logs etc, circa 1940s/50s, oil on board,
signed lower right, 71 x 62 cm, gilt frame ** Droit de Suite may be applicable on this lot £2,000.00 - £3,000.00

Christies Auction, London on 7 October, 2014 - An auction of paintings, sketches and pencil drawings took place on Tuesday 7 October. Among the items were three of Terence Cuneo's oil paintings that were used for the front cover of the Illustrated London News, and one pencil drawing. The Auction called "Interiors" is comprised of works that the Illustrated London News wished to dispose of. Two of the oil paintings were expected to achieve £10,000 to £15,000, the third is unsigned and expected to realise about £2,000, with the pencil drawing estimated at about £600. However only two of the items sold, the "Festival of Britain" ILN cover which realised £10,000 and the pencil drawing "The Mother of Local Parliament", which realised £500.

Festival of Britain on ILN cover The Mother of Local Parliament

Terence Cuneo Statue - the move of the statue from Waterloo station to Brompton Barracks in Chatham has begun. The specialist removers have rebuilt the scaffolding that is under the statue and inside the plinth, and it has now been taken to Chaham where the stone mason will rebuild the plinth in situ. More news on this in due course. To see the item in the recent edition of the SE1 newsletter, please click here.......

The statue being lifted from the concourse at Waterloo Station Keeping a watchful eye from the lorry!

The statue on its new base at Chatham awaiting the stone mason

Bonhams Auction, Los Angeles - Rinaldo's original painting "The City at Night", was listed for auction on 5th August 2014 with an estimate of $12,000 to $16,000.


"An incident from 'Treasure Island' (Jim Hawkins strikes the flag)" - This original painting is also listed on eBay for a sale price of £5,950

Railart 2015 - the Guild of Railway Artists annual exhibition was at the National Railway Museum in York, taking place from Friday 4th September until Sunday 1st November. Some of our members exhibited again.

"Black Watch Charge at the Battle of Loos" - The Scottish edition of the Daily Telegraph reported on the commemoration of the event in Dundee marking the centenary of the start of the World War One offensive on the Western Front in 1915. This painting by Cyrus Cuneo was used to illustrate the occasion

"Peaceful Forest Stream, Fontainbleu" - Rinaldo's original painting, in frame, was listed on eBay in early July with an unreserved auction price. It sold on 20 July for £672.00

Bonhams Auction, San Francisco - Rinaldo's original painting "San Francisco Park", was listed for auction on 22 March 2015 with an estimate of $5,000 to $7,000

San Francisco Park by Rinaldo Cuneo


"Nets and Cordage" - This delightful painting of a view in the Carmague, France, from July 1972 was listed on eBay on 30 January 2015 for 7 days at £4,000 (ended unsold on 5 February 2015)

Severn Valley Railway - Cuneo Exhibition - An exhibition of two originals, some twenty Terence Cuneo prints, and an array of memorabilia went on display in the Engine House Visitor & Education Centre at Highley, Bridgnorth WV16 6NP (Tel: 01746 862387) from Easter until the New Year, 2017. The Exhibition is called "The Man and His Mouse", click here to see the detail.

Aerial View of the Engine House at Highley, SVR Inside the Engine House at Highley, SVR

Opening of the Cuneo Room, Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham - A lunch was held in the Officers Mess on Wednesday 27 January 2016, at the invitation of Colonel Guy Stone, Station Commander, to celebrate the Opening of the Cuneo Room, now tastefully redecorated and benefitting from the addition of some fine Cuneo prints, a portrait of Terence Cuneo and appropriate plaque, all in addition to the three recently restored Railway Poster originals.

Original Oil Paintings recently auctioned - Three industrial paintings were sold by Bonhams at auction in March in London; the "The Royal Stallion" was sold on 18 May in Edinburgh, realising £11,875; and the "Armstrong Siddeley" sold for £3,200 on 7 June, also in London.

"Enamel Fixing and Filling Departments, Stratford", 1946 "Enamel Department, Stratford", 1946 "A Painter's Workshop"
"Royal Stallion with 'Shirley Heights' and Mares in Background" "Airfield with Hawker Hunter P1067 and an Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire"

Abbey Hill Steam Rally, Yeovil Showground, BA22 9TA - This event took place over the Bank Holiday weekend 29 April to 2 May, with Cuneo collectables on sale at the Herbertson Art stand.

Railart 2016 - this year's Guild of Railway Artists annual exhibition opened at Kidderminster Railway Museum, Station Approach, Kidderminster DY10 1QR on 27 August and ended on 2 October 2016. Some of our members exhibited again this year.

"Speed to the West - A Nostalgic Journey" An Exhibition at Dorset County Museum, Dorchester - This spacious and colourful exhibition runs from 16 March 2016 until 7 January 2017. It features posters, models, station signs, prints and memorabila relating to the Great Western Region's routes to the west country, with Terence Cuneo's art included - well worth a visit!!! Click here for the link

Rinaldo Oil Painting For Sale - Rinaldo Cuneo's painting "Mountain Scene" 24" x 36"was re-listed as a Buy-it-Now item on eBay for a month from 18 July at $8,422.77 (c.£6,000). The canvas has a couple of small tears. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Rinaldo lived from 1877 until 1939, and spent most of his life in California.

Rinaldo Oil Painting For Auction - Rinaldo's small 11" x 12" canvas "San Francisco Docks" was sold at Bonham's Los Angeles auction on 2 August. It had a guide price of $3,000 to $5,000.

Friday 7th to Saturday 8th April 2017 - AGM

A special feature of this year's AGM weekend was the Open House held at the Kestrel Gallery, owned by members Ian and Charmian Harrison, where some 30 paintings by well-known railway artists were on display. Many Cuneo items could also be seen. A Welcome Dinner was held that evening, and the formal meeting took place in the McDonald Gallery of the Gurkha Museum, Peninsular Barracks, Winchester at 11:00 on the Saturday morning, followed by an excellent buffet lunch.

Original of Philip Hawkins' "Atlantic Coast Express" at Battledown, 2014 Print of John Austin's "The Lady Awakes", with the Royal Scot, 1998
Some of the Society members at the Welcome Dinner at the Mercure Hotel, Winchester Trevor Savage giving details of the York holiday in September during the AGM Peter Collins presenting Chris Wheeler with the "sixth" Cuneo Society bow tie

Railart 2017 - The Guild of Railway Artists annual exhibition for 2017 was opened at the Kidderminster Railway Museum, Station Approach, Kidderminster DY10 1QR, on 26 August and closed on 1 October 2017. Some of our members exhibited again this year. Railart 2018 will be held in Kidderminster again, from Saturday 25 August until Sunday 30 September.

Christies Auction on 23 March 2017 - Three of Terence Cuneo's paintings were in The Modern British and Irish Art auction on 23 March 2017 in London

The Royal Duchy: King George V storms up the grade out of Dainton Tunnel
Estimate GBP 25,000 - GBP 35,000

Realised £81,250

Parade of the Sabath Elite, Ethiopia
Estimate GBP 1,500 - GBP 2,500

Realised £4,375

Red City, Petra, Jordan
Estimate GBP 2,000 - GBP 3,000

Realised £4,750

Bonhams Auction on 11 July 2017 - The painting below was sold on 11 July 2017 by Bonhams, with an estimate of £25,000 to £35,000, and achieving £31,250.

The "Aqua Calda - On Route to the Red Sea"

eBay Auction, July 2017 - The painting below of SS Great Britain entitled "This Noble Ship" was listed on eBay for £18,000.

Horse in Art 2017 - This year the Cuneo Medal was awarded to Debbie Dunbar SEA for her collection of six works, at the ceremony at the Sally Mitchell Gallery and Museum in Tuxford on Sunday 24 September.

About the Cuneo Medal The collection of six entries Debbie Dunbar receiving her
award and medal

Rowley's Auction, Suffolk - "All Aboard" by Terence Cuneo - This painting by Terence Cuneo was offered at their auction on 22 November, 2017 with an estimate of £3,000 to £5,000. It is oil on board, measuring 35 x 23.5cms.

Bonham'sAuction, London - "China Clay Barges, Bangkok", by Terence Cuneo - This painting by Terence Cuneo was sold at the 7th February 2018 auction for £2,800, having previously had an estimate of £4,000 to £6,000

Two Originals for sale in the two Bonhams Auctions this spring:

"Blacksmith's Forge", estimate £4,000 to £6,000 on 27 March 2018 - sold for £6,875 "RMC Silos, Thurrock", estimate £1,000 to £2,000 on 12 April, 2018 - sold for £1,375


Three Originals in the Christies Auction on 21 March:

Lot 96 - "Autumn of Steam", with an estimate of £30,000 to £50,000, sold for £60,000 Lot 97 - "Night Freight (Condor)", with an estimate of £25,000 to £35,000, sold for £27,500 Lot 100 - "Portrait of a Fireman", with an estimate of £12,000 to £18,000, sold for £17,500

Railart 2018 - The Guild of Railway Artists annual exhibition for 2018 is being held again this year at the Kidderminster Railway Museum, Station Approach, Kidderminster DY10 1QR, from Saturday 25 August until Sunday 30 September. Some of our members will be exhibiting again this year.


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